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I hold advanced certification from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust and am currently a WSET diploma candidate. Because wine and cheese go together like, well wine and cheese, I am also a Murray's Cheese-trained cheese wiz (pun intended). And because I care about the environment and the future of our planet, I am a California Sustainable Wine Growing Ambassador. I have a degree in Anthropology from Columbia University, and love to explore how history and culture have informed the great wines of the world. If you want to talk about the connection between Eleanor of Aquitaine and Bordeaux blends, I'm your gal. But most importantly, I'm really passionate about wine and love to share that enthusiasm with people in a way thats fun, approachable, and memorable. I'll look forward to having a drink with you!



I've always been an avid wine drinker and a firm believer in the old saying that life's too short to drink bad wine. 


My favorite part of my job is to help people discover what they love to drink - and give them the confidence and vocabulary to go out into the world and order it!